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Ever wondered why industrial-style homes have taken the design world by storm? It’s that blend of raw, edgy aesthetics with a touch of modern comfort that makes them undeniably attractive. Imagine exposing brick walls, metal beams, and ductwork, then combining them with soft lighting and plush furniture. It’s a style that says you’re sophisticated yet grounded, modern yet appreciative of history.

This is where The Fade Group steps in. With our expertise in exterior design services, we’re here to guide you through transforming your home’s exterior into an industrial masterpiece. Our professional mock-ups and high-fidelity renderings allow you to visualize the transformation before making any commitments. Let’s jump into how you can infuse your home with this trendy yet timeless style, ensuring it stands out in the most stylish way possible.

What is industrial style?

Industrial style in home design captures the essence of the raw, unpolished aesthetics reminiscent of factories, warehouses, and urban lofts from the past era. It’s a style that embraces the beauty of exposed structural elements, such as brick walls, metal beams, and ductwork. The key to industrial style is blending these rugged features with contemporary comfort, resulting in a chic, utilitarian space that feels both timeless and modern.

Key Elements of Industrial Style

When introducing industrial style into your home’s exterior, there are a few key elements you’ll want to incorporate:

  • Exposed Materials: Think exposed brick for the walls, steel beams for structural support, and visible ductwork. These features are not just functional; they become part of the aesthetic appeal.
  • Raw Textures: Industrial design thrives on the inclusion of raw, unfinished textures. Concrete floors, wooden beams, and metal surfaces offer a touch of authenticity and character.
  • Neutral Palette: Stick to a neutral color scheme that emphasizes grays, whites, and other muted tones. These colors perfectly complement the material palette of industrial design.
  • Modern Accents: While the basis of industrial design is raw and rugged, adding sleek, modern accents like stainless steel fixtures or minimalist lighting can elevate the look.

How The Fade Group Can Help

At The Fade Group, we specialize in breathing new life into homes with bespoke exterior designs. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your home’s exterior or incorporate industrial design elements, we’ve got you covered. We offer:

  • Professional Mock-Ups: Before you commit to any changes, see your home’s potential with our professional mock-ups. Our high-fidelity renderings allow you to visualize the transformation clearly.
  • Blueprint Services: Get detailed blueprints for your project, ensuring that every aspect of the design is meticulously planned and executed.
  • Consultation Services: Our design experts are available to advise you on how to best incorporate industrial elements into your home’s exterior, making sure the result is both stylish and functional.

Incorporating industrial style into your home’s exterior isn’t just about embracing a design trend; it’s about creating a space that resonates with character and timelessness. With The Fade Group’s expertise, you can craft an environment that reflects this unique aesthetic while maintaining a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Key elements of industrial style homes

Industrial style homes aren’t just about replicating the look of a chic warehouse or urban loft. It’s about embracing and elevating the aesthetics of raw, unfinished materials to create a space that feels both timeless and modern. The Fade Group, with its wealth of expertise in exterior design, recognizes the importance of every detail in achieving this style. Let’s investigate into the key elements that are foundational to crafting an industrial-style home exterior.

Exposed Materials and Raw Textures

At the heart of the industrial design is the celebration of exposed materials. This includes:

  • Brick: A classic symbol of industrial design, exposed brick walls add warmth and character.
  • Concrete: Incorporating concrete, whether in flooring, walls, or architectural details, brings a sleek, minimalist edge.
  • Metal: Elements like metal staircases, railings, and window frames offer that distinctive industrial vibe.

The Fade Group suggests mixing these materials for a layered look that feels authentic to industrial heritage while still fitting the modern home aesthetic.

Neutral Color Palette with Bold Accents

A neutral color palette is fundamental to industrial style, focusing on shades of gray, black, and white. These serve as a perfect backdrop for highlighting architectural details and raw materials. But, to avoid a monotonous feel, The Fade Group advises adding bold color accents. Deep reds, vibrant blues, or mustard yellows can breathe life into the space without overwhelming the industrial theme.

Modern Accents and Minimalist Decor

While industrial design cherishes the old, adding modern touches is key to bringing the look into the present day. Clean lines, minimalist decor, and contemporary furniture will ensure your home feels curated and comfortable. The Fade Group often incorporates modern lighting fixtures or sleek hardware to blend the industrial past with a contemporary future seamlessly.

Incorporating Greenery

Industrial-style homes can sometimes feel a bit stark. The inclusion of greenery, whether through potted plants or an outdoor vertical garden, adds warmth and life. The Fade Group highlights that plants not only soften the industrial edges but also improve air quality, making your home both beautiful and healthy.

Understanding and implementing these key elements, with the professional guidance of The Fade Group, will ensure your industrial-style home exterior is not only on-trend but timeless. Their expertise in creating professional mock-ups and blueprints means you can visualize your design and make informed decisions before the first brick is laid.

Exposing brick walls and metal beams

Exposing the inherent beauty of brick walls and metal beams is a hallmark of the industrial style home. This design strategy not only pays homage to the architectural integrity of a space but also brings an unmatched, raw aesthetic that’s both timeless and striking. The Fade Group, with its wealth of experience in exterior design, offers tailored insights and solutions to transform your home exterior into an industrial masterpiece.

Unveiling the Charm of Brickwork

Discovering the hidden gem of your home’s brickwork can be an exciting journey. Stripping away plaster or other materials to reveal the original brick can instantly inject character and warmth into your home’s facade. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Assess the condition of the brickwork before making any changes. Some bricks might not be suitable for exposure.
  • Consider a sealant to protect the exposed brick from weather elements, ensuring longevity.
  • Balance with modern elements like sleek window frames or metal details to maintain a contemporary edge.

Integrating Metal Beams with Style

Metal beams, once purely structural, now serve as a bold design statement. Incorporating these into your home’s exterior requires a thoughtful approach:

  • Paint the beams in dark hues for a striking contrast against lighter backgrounds.
  • Combine with glass for a modern industrial look that lets in plenty of light.
  • Highlight unique features with lighting to emphasize the industrial character at night.

With The Fade Group’s expertise, you can confidently explore these aspects, leveraging professional mock-ups and blueprints to envision the transformation. Jump into the industrial style with an understanding that it’s more than a trend; it’s a statement about embracing and showcasing the essence of materials in their most natural form. Remember, achieving the perfect balance between old and new, raw and refined, requires a nuanced approach tailored to your home’s unique characteristics.

Incorporating raw materials and textures

When designing your home’s exterior in the sought-after industrial style, focusing on raw materials and textures is essential. The Fade Group, with its cutting-edge exterior design services, understands the nuances of incorporating these elements to achieve a visually stunning and authentically industrial look.

Embrace the Unfinished

One of the hallmarks of industrial design is the embrace of unfinished materials that many other design aesthetics might cover up. Here’s how you can incorporate these elements into your home exterior:

  • Concrete: Industrial design’s stalwart, concrete, can be used for walls, floors, and even driveways. Its gray, textured appearance adds an instantly industrial vibe to your exterior.
  • Metal: Whether it’s steel, iron, or aluminum, exposed metal elements are quintessential in industrial-style homes. Consider metal siding, railings, or even decorative elements to introduce an industrial flair.
  • Wood: Reclaimed wood offers a rustic contrast against more sterile industrial materials like metal and concrete. Use it for decking, accents, or even as a cladding material.

The Fade Group’s Expert Touch

The Fade Group excels in integrating these raw materials into your home exterior with professionalism and style. Through high fidelity renderings, The Fade Group shows you how to blend these materials for maximum impact. Here’s what they recommend:

  • Professional Mock-Ups: Get a realistic preview of your industrial-style home exterior with The Fade Group’s mock-up services. See how different textures and materials combine before any physical work begins.
  • Customized Blueprints: Tailored blueprints allow for a personalized approach to your home’s design. Incorporate industrial elements with the guidance of professionals who understand how to balance aesthetics and function.
  • Material Selection Consultation: Navigate the choices of raw materials with The Fade Group’s expert consultation. From finding the right kind of reclaimed wood to selecting the perfect hue of concrete, make informed decisions with their help.

By prioritizing raw materials and textures in your home’s exterior design, you embrace an aesthetic that’s both timeless and on-trend. The Fade Group stands ready to guide you through this transformation with expertise, ensuring your home not only stands out but also speaks volumes of your unique taste and style.

Choosing the right furniture and decor

When transitioning your home to an industrial style, the furniture and decor you choose are pivotal in cementing the aesthetic. The Fade Group, with its expertise in exterior home design, extends its knowledge to help you select pieces that not only complement the industrial theme but also ensure durability and functionality.

Understanding Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial-style furniture is characterized by its blend of wood and metal, often featuring a minimalist design that emphasizes utility and simplicity. When selecting furniture:

  • Opt for pieces with clean lines and a robust construction.
  • Look for materials such as reclaimed wood, steel, and iron that reflect industrial era’s influence.

Selecting the Right Decor

Decor in an industrial-style home should enhance the raw, unfinished feel while adding a touch of warmth and personality. Consider these tips:

  • Use lighting as a focal point. Vintage metal pendant lights or floor lamps with a metal finish can dramatically set the tone.
  • Incorporate vintage or repurposed items to add authenticity and uniqueness to your space. Think old machinery parts converted into art pieces or vintage signs.
  • Add soft textures with rugs, throw pillows, and blankets to balance the hard surfaces of metal and wood.

Incorporating Outdoor Elements

The Fade Group encourages bringing the industrial theme to your home’s exterior with:

  • Outdoor furniture made of wrought iron or weather-resistant steel for durability and style.
  • Decorative elements like metal sculptures or garden art to enhance the industrial look.
  • Raw materials for fencing or gates, such as corrugated metal, to complement the industrial exterior design.

With The Fade Group’s guidance, choosing the right furniture and decor becomes a seamless process. By focusing on materials, functionality, and authentic industrial-era pieces, you can create a cohesive and stylish industrial-style home.


Embracing an industrial style home is about more than just following a trend. It’s about making a statement with your space that reflects a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. With the guidance of The Fade Group, you’re not alone in navigating the transformation of your home’s exterior into an industrial masterpiece. From selecting the perfect blend of raw materials and textures to choosing furniture and decor that complements the industrial theme, every step is an opportunity to showcase your unique taste and style. Remember the importance of incorporating items that speak to the essence of industrial design—minimalist yet bold, functional yet stylish. Let your home be a testament to the timeless appeal of industrial style with the expertise of The Fade Group by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial style in home design?

Industrial style in home design emphasizes an urban look with a focus on raw, unfinished materials. It includes exposed brick walls, metal beams, and the use of materials like concrete, reclaimed wood, and metal to create a space that combines form and function with a modern, edgy aesthetic.

How can The Fade Group help in transforming my home’s exterior into an industrial style?

The Fade Group offers expert guidance in transforming your home’s exterior into an industrial masterpiece. Their services include providing professional mock-ups, customized blueprints, and material selection consultation, ensuring your home reflects a unique blend of timeless and trendy industrial aesthetics.

What materials are essential for achieving an industrial look?

Key materials for achieving an authentic industrial look include concrete, metal, reclaimed wood, and exposed brick. These elements help create a raw, textural appeal that is characteristic of the industrial style.

How do I choose the right furniture for an industrial-style home?

Select furniture that blends wood and metal, focusing on minimalist designs that highlight utility and simplicity. The right pieces should complement the industrial theme while ensuring durability and functionality.

What role does lighting and decor play in an industrial-style home?

Lighting should be used as a focal point in an industrial-style home, with fixtures that accentuate the architectural elements and raw materials. Decor should include vintage or repurposed items to add character, and incorporating metal sculptures or garden art can extend the theme to the home’s exterior.

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