Tyler Workman

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

As a co-founder and CEO of FADE Group, Tyler oversees both the strategic and financial aspects of the company. With a keen understanding of real estate market and single-family market dynamics, he develops and executes comprehensive strategies to ensure the company’s continued growth and focuses on company growth and innovation.

Prior to founding FADE Group, Tyler spent nearly a decade in real estate private equity, the majority of which originating, underwriting, and managing over $1bn of real estate investments across the US for a private family office in New York City.

Tyler has extensive experience in CRE finance and development, and through his experience understands how to value engineer projects to maximize value while optimizing aesthetics and financial results.

Tyler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Florida.

Anthony Nasko, Jr.

CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

As a co-founder and CCO of FADE Group, Anthony plays a pivotal role in the Company’s rendering design process and is responsible for shaping the Company’s creative direction and brand. With a background in architecture and residential development, he has a keen eye for design excellence and is at the forefront of industry trends.

Prior to founding FADE Group, Anthony worked in CRE for close to a decade, managing over $1bn in projects ranging from luxury single family homes to Class A high rise developments.

Anthony’s extensive experience in the multifamily development space includes working with the top general contractors and developers in Florida and managing real estate development for the State of Florida. His responsibilities extended to budget, design strategies, predevelopment and entitlements, advising on construction progress/schedules, and ensuring a quality final delivery.

Anthony graduated with an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Master’s Degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida.

Randy Perez

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

As a co-founder and COO of FADE Group, Randy is responsible for overseeing product development and enhancement of our rendering design business, including design feasibility analysis, materiality selection, and customer experience. Randy’s deep understanding of construction, material selection, and industry standards allows FADE Group to optimize design and materials, providing the highest quality product for any budget.

Prior to founding FADE Group, Randy spent nearly a decade managing the entire construction process of $400M+ in new developments across the state of Florida.

In developing FADE, Randy prioritizes providing customers with a product that not only exceeds expectations and matches their personal aesthetic, but can be built in the real world.

Randy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida.

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