A balcony is an architectural feature that projects from the wall of a building, typically above the ground floor. It is an elevated platform that is enclosed by a balustrade or railing and is accessible through a door or a set of doors from a building’s interior. Balconies are designed to provide an outdoor space for users to enjoy fresh air, views, and additional living area without leaving the comfort of their home or building. They can be found in various forms and sizes, ranging from small and simple structures just large enough for one or two people to stand on, to large and elaborate extensions that can accommodate several people, furniture, and plants. Balconies are prevalent in apartment buildings, hotels, and other multi-story residential and commercial structures, offering an aesthetic element to the architecture as well as functional outdoor space for occupants. They can serve multiple purposes, including leisure, dining, gardening, and as a place to gather for social occasions. The design and construction of balconies must adhere to strict building codes and safety standards to ensure the safety of users.

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