A balustrade is an architectural feature that consists of a series of balusters or vertical posts, which are often ornamental in design, that support a railing or handrail. These are commonly found on staircases, balconies, terraces, or around open spaces to prevent falls and provide a safety barrier. Balustrades can be constructed from various materials including wood, stone, metal, glass, or a combination thereof, each offering different aesthetic and functional qualities. Their design can range from simple and functional to highly decorative, with intricate patterns and motifs that contribute to the overall architectural style of a building or structure. The term originates from the Italian word ‘balaustra’, suggesting the pomegranate flower’s form, which the balusters can sometimes resemble. Balustrades play a crucial role not only in safety but also in the visual appeal and finishing touch of architectural design, often serving as a focal point that adds character and elegance to both interior and exterior spaces.

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