A terrace is an outdoor architectural feature that forms a flat and open area, typically located on the roof of a building or as an extension of a structure, which is often elevated from the ground level. It is designed to provide space for various activities such as dining, gardening, relaxation, or entertainment, offering an open-air environment that can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Terraces are commonly paved or decked areas that may be surrounded by a balustrade or railing for safety, and can be adorned with planters, furniture, and other decorative elements to enhance the space. In residential settings, a terrace can serve as a private retreat or a gathering place for family and friends, while in commercial buildings, it might function as an additional venue for events or a communal area for occupants to enjoy. The concept of a terrace has been embraced in various cultures throughout history, and its design can vary widely depending on the architectural style, climate, and intended use of the space.

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