A mullion is a structural element that is often found in architectural designs, serving both functional and decorative purposes. It is a vertical or horizontal bar, or a combination of bars, that divides a window, door, or screen into two or more units. In the context of windows, mullions are the vertical supports that separate individual panes of glass within a window frame. Historically, mullions were made from stone or wood, but in modern construction, they can also be made from materials such as aluminum, PVC, or other metals. Besides providing structural support to an arch or a glazed window, mullions also add aesthetic value to the design, contributing to the overall style and character of a building. They can be simple and functional, or elaborately carved and shaped, depending on the architectural style and the period in which they were created. In curtain wall systems, mullions are crucial for transferring wind, gravity, and seismic loads to the structure, ensuring the stability and safety of the glazed facade.

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