A lintel is a structural horizontal block that spans the space or opening between two vertical supports. It can be a decorative architectural element, or a combined ornamented structural item. In most cases, it is used over portals, doors, windows, and fireplaces. In the context of architecture, a lintel serves to bear the load of the structures above the opening, which could include the weight of the wall, additional floors, and the roof. Lintels can be made from a variety of materials including stone, wood, steel, and reinforced concrete, each chosen for its structural properties and its ability to complement the aesthetic of the building. The design and selection of a lintel depend on the building’s architectural style, the materials used in the construction, and the load it needs to support. Proper installation is crucial as it directly affects the integrity and safety of the building. Over time, the concept of lintels has also been integrated into furniture design, symbolizing a bridge or support, and in broader terms, it can refer to any beam that supports a load over an opening.

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