Hip Roof

A hip roof, also known as a hipped roof, is a type of roof design where all roof sides slope downwards towards the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope. This design results in a roof with no vertical ends or gables. Hip roofs often have a consistent eave height around the building, providing a more symmetrical and stable structure. The inward slope of all four sides makes hip roofs more durable and resistant to wind compared to gable roofs. They are also more complex to construct due to the intricate truss and rafter design required to support the roof’s shape. Hip roofs can feature a variety of plan shapes, such as square, rectangular, or even circular, and can be topped with a ridge, a hip, or a flat section if the roof has a square plan. This type of roof is popular for its aesthetic appeal and practical advantages, particularly in regions prone to high winds or hurricanes.

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