The term “gutter” in the context of a glossary page typically refers to the space or trough that runs along the edge of a street, roof, or other surface, designed to collect and channel away rainwater or other forms of liquid runoff. In publishing and graphic design, the gutter is the blank space or margin between facing pages of a book or between adjacent columns of text or images. This space allows for the binding of the book without encroaching upon the printed content and ensures that text or images are not lost in the central fold when the book is bound. In bowling, gutters are the trough-like areas that run along both sides of the lane; if a ball falls into this area, it is out of play, and no pins can be knocked down on that throw. The term can also be used metaphorically to describe a low or degraded state. The specific definition of “gutter” can vary depending on its application, but it generally denotes a space or channel designed to serve a particular purpose, whether it is for drainage, separation of content, or as a boundary within a game.

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