Façade Lighting

Façade Lighting refers to the strategic placement and utilization of lighting fixtures and systems on the exterior face or surface of buildings and structures to enhance their architectural features and improve their aesthetic appeal during nighttime or low-light conditions. This type of lighting is often employed to highlight the architectural design, showcase textures, and create a visual impact that can range from subtle to dramatic. It can include various lighting techniques such as floodlighting, wall washing, spotlighting, and shadowing, and may incorporate a range of light sources including LEDs, halogen bulbs, and metal halide lamps. Façade Lighting serves both practical and decorative purposes, providing illumination for safety and navigation, while also contributing to the identity of a building and shaping the character of urban environments after dark. It plays a significant role in urban planning and design, and is an essential element in branding and marketing for commercial and public buildings, as it can significantly enhance their visibility and recognition.

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